Accelerate your gift card sales

Gift a Restaurant promotes your restaurant Gift Cards to millions of potential diners from the highly lucrative travel, loyalty and gifting industries. These are new customers we attract for your business through our corporate channel partnerships and across our powerful ecommerce platforms.  We do this in a variety of ways:


We sell restaurant gift cards to travel customers before they arrive at their destination


We partner with well established Loyalty programs to drive restaurant gift card sales though reward incentives, points promotions, and points redemption.


We sell gift cards to customers looking to purchase the perfect gift on our website as well as on third party platforms.

Whilst restaurant gift cards are not new, our unique redemption model is. Fully integrated with leading reservation and POS platforms, redemptions are seamless for staff and full visibility to sales and performance is always available. Significantly, and unlike other restaurant gift card programs, we also deliver the unredeemed value of the gift card back to the restaurant. Put simply, when an unused gift card expires, the restaurant gets paid. It is one of the many ways we’re proud to support the restaurant industry.

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