Accelerate your gift card sales

Gift a Restaurant feeds your restaurant’s gift card into sales channels where millions of people are purchasing gift cards in high volumes.  

We supply over 15,000 corporate accounts across Australia & New Zealand with restaurant gift cards, we sell restaurant gift cards through countless gift card malls, reward programs and marketing platforms where gift cards are being issued. 

Our role, is to help restaurants sell more of their own gift cards!


We integrate with Airline Loyalty Programs where customers transact with points.

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We distribute through multiple credit card and corporate reward programs.


We supply restaurant gift cards to gift card malls and various gifting platforms.

As we are selling/distributing your restaurants own (existing) gift card, redemption processing is seamless and no additional staff training is required. Gift A Restaurant is fully integrated with leading reservation platform Now Book It as well as many major POS platforms. 

Significantly, and unlike other restaurant gift card programs, we also deliver the unredeemed value of the gift cards sold back to the restaurant! 

Put simply, when an unused gift card expires, the restaurant gets paid. It is one of the many ways Gift A Restaurant is proud to support the restaurant industry.

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