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Machiavelli restaurant was established by Giovanna Toppi on the 29th August 1988, creating a space where fine food and wine could be enjoyed. She journeyed from Naples to Sydney with a suitcase of lessons learned from her mother in traditional Neapolitan cuisine.

After 28 years at the helm of Machiavelli she sold the restaurant to Nicolae Bicher, an ex-Olympian who had previously dabbled in hospitality with a focus on International produce growing, hence his appreciation for fresh ingredients. Nicolae has maintained most of what was established. This includes the central antipasto table with its spread of cured meats and fresh vegetables.

Nicolae’s Executive Chef Laurent Cambon has been working at Machiavelli since 1994. Laurent infuses his Michelin-star experience into the original menu, having completed stints at Parisian restaurants L’Arpege and Au Trou Gascon and spending many years in venues throughout the Blue Mountains.

When ordering the antipasto platter, your waiter will hand-pick your ingredients straight from the table, all of which are locally sourced from around the state.

This focus on the finest ingredients extends to the rest of the menu, where, Laurent uses the freshest produces on offer, and wherever possible, organic. Seafood is delivered twice daily from the Sydney Seafood Markets and converted into beautiful dishes that sing with flavour.

Specific dietary requirements alterations can be made to any menu item within reason. Our Chefs would be happy to indulge your special requests, if you in turn will indulge us with the necessary time to prepare it.

Buon Appetito