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Omeros Bros

"Omeros Bros has a wonderful tradition of creating beautiful food and service to match by combining the Omeros families many years of experience with dedication to customer satisfaction.

Omeros Bros have operated some of the country’s leading restaurants for over 40 years. Their family’s culinary history dates back to the old Paragon Seafood Restaurant which was the first seafood focused restaurant in New South Wales. Unfortunately, in 1974 a storm struck the restaurant which forced the immediate closure of this iconic restaurant.

This was also a fortunate occurrence for the Gold Coast as it meant that Omeros Bro had to find a new location to form a new restaurant. This headed the arrival of Omeros Bro which we know and love today.

Omeros Bros began at the hands of brothers, Angelo and Nick Omeros. These restaurateurs have created several restaurants together which have won many National and International awards. With Angelo’s sad passing, Nick’s son John stood up to help run the family business. The restaurant is currently managed by another member of the old Paragon Seafood Restaurant’s team, Robert Rank.

Omeros Bros is a true icon of the Gold Coast and continues to pride itself on service, taste and style. It is no wonder that Omeros Bros Restaurant is so well loved by their customers new and old. " Omeros Bros. is located at 55, 74 Seaworld Dr, Main Beach, QLD.