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Pino's Vino e Cucina


On the bare, brick walls hang copper pots and pans from my parents kitchen in Rome. The very kitchen where I first experienced how food, how true hospitality, can make a person feel. And for you, I want this same feeling of warmth, comfortability, and, of course, happiness. To give this to you, is a gift for me.

Each day when I step into this room, where the soft music bounces off dark, rich timber, and the scent of fresh ingredients waft in from the kitchen, I am home. For me, life is simple, and good food and wine should be simple. Our menu uses fresh, traditional Italian produce put together with a little panache’, a trait Inherited from my father, Pino, whom this restaurant is named after.
Our cocktails are spirited and constructed with pride. Our wine, of course, is Italian - generous, full, and bold.

I truly hope our food and our hospitality make you feel at home, among good friends.

Con amore’,

Matteo Margiotta, Owner and friend.